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Many thanks to the following artists/writers for use of their lyrics:
TitleArtist (Writer)
Girl Don't ComeSandie Shaw (Chr. Andrews)
She's Not ThereThe Zombies (Rod Argent)
Tobacco RoadThe Nashville Teens (John D. Loudermilk)
For Your LoveThe Yardbirds (Graham Gouldman)
ShotgunJr. Walker and the Allstars (Jr. Walker)

And finally to all those who have stood for and against me along the way, hair on ya.

This story pays homage of sorts to exuberant adolescence. You may recall the condition: sweaty palms, terminal awkwardness, sexual high-tension. It started off as a bit of a self-entertainment, so I wasn't particularly concerned about creating a conventional narrative. You know, one good guy, one bad guy, a couple of supporting characters, a single point of view. Anyway, I've never subscribed to conventionality, especially not in my exuberant adolescence. What I wanted to portray was the vast kaleidoscope of events and emotions, the sturm and drang of the everyday as you ricocheted from drama to drama, interacting with a multiplicity of groups and individuals: hoods, villains, greasers, jocks, blockheads, browners, frats, geeks, nerds, sluts, cockteasers, hosers, stoners, piss-tanks, nancy-boys, ice-maidens, dorks, jerks, jackasses, jazzers, studs, freaks, pencil-necks, pervs, debauchers, dinks, rink rats, oh yeah, and the occasional good guy. Remember all those friends and acquaintances you collected along the way; all the minor players who blew into and out of your life like so many autumn leaves. What I'm trying to tell you is that there are a whole lot of characters populating this story, a lot of names to keep track of. So, for those of you who have trouble recalling the moniker of the person you shook hands with not five minutes ago, I've created a bit of a crib sheet, a cast of players, the primary ones at least. They're even grouped by faction. You can't say fairer than that.

There's a fair whack of back story as well. Mostly in the beginning. Some may refer to it as digression. Me, I like a bit of meat on the bone, a little side-jaunt once in a while. Hey, if you're in such a hurry to get to the end, just read the last chapter and be done with it. Oh, and another thing, once in a while I like to change tense. Not in the middle of a paragraph or anything, but in certain scenes where I'm trying to heighten the tension or put the reader in the moment. Tends to bother the conventionalists. Hopefully, you won't even notice it's happening.

Finally, this is a true story, all of it. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Cast of Characters:
The "Seven Sams"
Cal Harding
Dave Mitchell
Ray Stephens
Sydney de Kypers
Bert O'Halloran
Billy Mills
Ralph Renwick
The Hoods
Morris Stratton
Glen Hater
Richie Porter
Bobby Ratzlaff
Al MacGowan
Kenny Gaulka
The Band
Blake Stuart
Valdy Vecmanis
Ray Stephens
Pete "Match" Mathers
Sydney de Kypers
Hockey Jocks
Dave Mitchell
Danny Chalmers
"Big Dunny"
Torrington High Students
Susan Franks
Darlene Cockerton
Carole and Marilyn
Arnie Kleinfeldt
Coffee Shop Crowd
Cal Harding
Bert O'Halloran
Billy Mills
Ralph Renwick
Jennifer Thompkins
Linda Hicks
Cathy B
Cathy D
Gloria Patterson

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