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Posted 2006-10-14 @ 09:30:43 by Nim Rager
This great little book gave me a psychotic reaction
Posted 2006-10-14 @ 09:32:28 by sparky
this book's a real nugget. it gave me a psychotic reaction!
Posted 2006-10-14 @ 16:09:16 by Dave Nichols
I recognize most of the cats in the cover photo with the exception of the guy holding his nose on the far right. There's also a hand holding up a flower. Who might they be?
Posted 2006-10-14 @ 22:59:09 by Dave Nichols
Ah yes, forgot to mention, I too had a psychotic reaction.
Posted 2006-10-15 @ 09:11:30 by Slim Shady
In response to your query, the nose-holder is Gerald Blackwell and the phantom hand belongs to Stuart Naylor, guitarist/bassist for "The Teddybears Picnic".
Posted 2006-10-17 @ 18:06:55 by Christian D.
The novel took me back to my teenage days in Saskatoon, especially those scenes in the graveyard and the arena. You really nailed it. When's the next installment coming out? Can't wait.
Posted 2006-10-18 @ 11:13:32 by doglips
This novel totally took me back to my teen years to the point that I reacquired my lost erection- but what do do with it? I knew, put I can't quite put my finger on it.
Posted 2006-10-18 @ 11:15:20 by Winky
Who the hell is Dave Nichols to be making unsolicited comments? And what is this psychotic erection crap, anyway?
Posted 2006-10-18 @ 11:19:27 by doglips (again)
This novel is sizzling- full of cholesterol, in fact, but it takes place when no one knew of cholesterol, and hence, no no suffered from any heart attacks. And cigarettes and cancer were not linked, so we puffed away in rural Saskatoon with scarcely a tumor to be found. Those were the dys, my friend. Instead, most of us passed away from boredom or confrontations with grain elevators. And no Onstar to be had!! Damn, I'm funny.
Posted 2006-10-18 @ 11:23:31 by doglips
All kidding aside, this is one of the best novels depicting that time period and age group that I have ever read. Kudos to Mr. Shawcross for an insightful and mesmerizing novel. I certainly hope more will be coming.
Posted 2006-10-19 @ 08:38:36 by The Chikano Brothers
We loved the book. It took us back to those wonerful years. Will the next one feature more Natives?
Posted 2006-10-19 @ 08:41:31 by Penny Hold'em
I seem to recall a certain Stephen Shawcross in Malton, 1972, in a band called Rockpile, when I was accommodating many groups. He was the drummer. Will there be an exposé of the 70's as a sequel?
Posted 2006-10-19 @ 11:31:12 by Dave Nichols
It saddens me that I, in good faith, commented on this fine novel by Steve Starkadder, and this doglips creep started mocking me. It gives me cold comfort that there have always been smart hackers on Old Kumquat Farm.
Posted 2006-10-19 @ 17:03:11 by Miss Clever 15 year old
Is that Edward Plierhands?
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 09:58:18 by John Morgan
Nice bit of writing by Mr. Shawcross. I generally don't send in comments, but I was so entranced with this story, and the memories it awoke in me, that I felt compelled to send in my compliments.
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 09:59:19 by Stuart Naylor
Reminds me of Bramalea in the sixties- my youth etc. Great stuff!
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 10:01:32 by J Hansard
You dug up all the dirt- some of it doesn't wash with me- I was bathing in your fine prose- while sipping a stock Port.
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 17:06:33 by Roger Gray
Speaking of Bramalea, I seem to remember doing the lights for the "Teddy Bears Picnic" at a battle of the bands in the arena. The Band was a three piece, just Steve, Wally and Stu, playing mostly Cream and Hendrix. Hilariously, some chics came up to me at the end of the set and said they loved my organ-playing. I was literally flipping about 8 light switches on a foot long console and there wasn't a sound even vaguely resembling an organ note to be heard. I didn't let on any differently.Hey,if playing the organ in the band was going to get me on base so be it.
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 23:35:45 by susie q.
Hey Roger, Which organ did you say you were playing with in Bramalea? A Hammond B3 or a Two Hand?
Posted 2006-10-21 @ 23:39:27 by susie q.
And speaking of musical notes, I'm sure I heard a piercing orgasmic note or two.
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