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Posted 2006-11-26 @ 07:24:55 by the old gatekeeper
Hey, another satisfied customer. We aim to delight and we can't think of a more delightful person to delight than delightful you, strange looks from strangers notwithstanding. Our best to Debbie ex-G and crew and all the other little scamps frequenting the haunts in and about the old homestead. Not sure what to make of this book reading raquet; it's a whole lot different than extemporizing over a power point presentation or gigging for that matter. I think a boffo project would be to have Adna illustrate the novel. It could become a Classics Illustrated. Imagine how many more chocolate bars she could buy with the proceeds. Maybe even a box in the gardens where she could be even closer to her beloved Leafs ( I believe that was her grade 9 or 10 bon mot/picture caption, to wit "Let's go Leafs" or words to that effect. Then a squirrel fell on her head as she was walking home from school and she was never the same afterwards). TTFN SS
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 09:01:18 by LeaLee
That's wonderful idea!!! ADNA are you up for this project? You are the BEST especially with caricatures, and, since you are one of the few people I know from the past (along with the Gatekeeper, of course) who hasn't fried their brains with drugs and alcohol, you could probably even remember what the old gang looked like back in those HellRazing Dayz ! I vote YAY!
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 09:28:08 by Cam
Where can I get the book? I tried chapters. What other stores can i get it in?
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 10:06:25 by the old gatekeeper
Cam-the book is in limited distribution at the moment- Chapters at Quarry Edge Drive in Brampton, BookLore in Orangeville and several outlets in Calgary, one of which is noted under the novel tab. A number of individuals from Ontario have ordered the book directly from the Pages in Kensington store. Next month will see it available from select outlets in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. We'll probably post a more complete list then. Alternatively, you can download it gratis from this site. Hopefully, that helps and happy reading.
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 14:41:21 by Mr Adsetts
I can't quite put my finger on why I like this book. But Butch Coates can. With 3 of my fingers that he scooped up.
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 14:42:43 by Buggerboy
Tell that Adna to hurry up and start a-drawin' and a-sketchin'.
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 14:44:40 by Christian D
Thia novel takes me back to my teen years in Saskatoon when I was wrestling with Burton Cumming Like A Freught Train.
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 20:57:37 by Mr Spelling Bee
I believe the word is racket as opposed to raquet and freight as opposed to freught
Posted 2006-11-26 @ 20:59:58 by Mrs Spelling Bee
Also its Ho Chi Minh with an h at the end.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 10:55:08 by Rupert Tadcaster
Tom Phair must have used Mr. Peabody's "Wayback" machine.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 11:52:57 by ndaa
And what makes you guys think that I can remember what you all looked like in your teens --- or that I can do caricatures of y'all?????? For free??????????????????????????
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 12:13:46 by Nada
And furthermore, the squirrel fell on my head when I was walking home from my first job at the Bank of Mtl just as I was in front of the Legion Hall. Oh, and I haven't followed hockey for probably 35 years or more -- you goof --
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 15:33:27 by Victor Dimshitts
Nada- who said anything about free? We're talking a paying proposition here, at least 3 figures. I know you've always dreamed of being a hundredaire, especially after you got conked on the noggin by that squirrel. What was his name? Bully Bimbo sounds familiar. You took him in and nurtured him back to health, feeding him on red rice and beans, japaties and chutney, and of course your favourite food, chicken pot pies. As to your hockey fetish, we understand it's a sensitive topic. You still don't have those pictures of Frank Mahovlich under your mattress do you? Or Dave Keon's old jock in your panty drawer? Not to worry, I won't breathe a word to anyone. Cheers!
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 15:44:56 by Dave Keon
So that's where it went. One minute you're sitting around in your skivvies, celebrating a Stanley Cup victory and the next minute in waltzes this chic with a squirrel wrapped around her head and before you can say "shouldn't we eat first?", you're strapless and feelin' the gentle breezes play. And we ain't talkin' pinocle here. Anyway, I'd just like to say there's no I in team, we got some lucky bounces, everyone worked hard, cliche, cliche, cliche and we're gonna dedicate this one to squirrel girl.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 15:50:59 by A. Squirrel
I just want to take this opportunity to thank Nada a.k.a. Hank for all the love, kindness and chicken pot pies she shared with me in my time of need. The missus and little un's thank you too. Oh, just one small request, you still haven't mailed my nuts back.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 16:01:16 by Concerned Bank of Montreal Customer
Dear Squirrel Girl, in or around 1965 or 1966, a large amount of money went missing from my account at the B of M, four corners branch. I believe you were the teller who assisted me that day. You looked like a cross between Barbara Striesand and Ziggy Stardust with of course your signature squirrelly bouffant. Please send my money back to me, I'm running low on cat food. And while you're at it give that poor squirrel his nuts back.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 18:18:14 by Mr Hundredaire
Squirrel girl, you sound like my kind of dish and a Leafs fan to boot. Nothing I like better of an evening than to curl up in front of the old black and white with some home brew and a big can of generic brand peanuts. That's after a couple of "Hungry Man" dinners served on the best TV trays along with a carton of Baby Duck or if I'm really pushin' the boat out, Blue Nun. Yes sir, once you get used to the good life here in Zac Marshall's premier trailer park, Camp Yubinyankinoff, there ain't no turnin' back no how.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 18:31:46 by Fitty Cents
Yo, Mista Hundertaire, you tinkin you got da bling ta bed da squirl bitch, like you all comin' on talkin' trash bout how much you dun got and all dem fine thangs yo dun goin give ta her make her feel like da queen bitch o' yo crib. But chill yo homey white ass cus when it cums ta blangin da fashizzle aint no hammerhead like Fitty's black and decka pecka sucka... I iz an dat's a fak jack aint no disputin da rootin tootin booty lootin footin shootin put a cap in yo ass mutha****er.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 18:33:54 by Buggerboy
I would very much like it if someone put a cap in my ass.
Posted 2006-11-27 @ 18:45:29 by The Bank of Montreal
Squirrel girl, if that is truly your name, you're fired.
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