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Posted 2006-12-01 @ 12:23:51 by Godzilla
Don't mention it.
Posted 2006-12-01 @ 12:50:44 by Buggerboy
Again someone has wilfully usurped my CB "handle" and posted notes under false pretenses. I'm in Love With A Jersey Squirrel, Tom Waites. Leave my pseudonym alone, you bastard! Ass to mouth, indeed. See "Clerks 2".
Posted 2006-12-01 @ 14:43:44 by Dick Burns
Hi Steve! I'm a new character you can "borrow".
Posted 2006-12-02 @ 18:42:16 by the Happy Birthday Fairies
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Buggerboy, happy birthday to you, hope you live a 100 years, hope you drink a zillion beers, get plastered you bastard, happy birthday to you...and many more on channel four...and Scubie Do on channel two...Now feck off you insolent prick and apologize to Win for your insensitive comments. Come to think of it all your comments are insensitive and you're too rough for the church league to boot.
Posted 2006-12-02 @ 18:53:59 by Reverend Biggs
It is my learned opinion that Buggerboy was probably dropped on his head as a child, afterwhich he was shunned by society in general. Prayer, meditation and good deeds are his only salvation and of course tithing along with a stiff birching. Ah yes, one can never underestimate the power of a good, stiff birching. Why only yesterday I flayed my head alter boy raw, red raw. And it did him a world of good. So what about it BB? Off with the shirt now, don't dilly dally,100 of the best and then a roll in the snow ay what. A good old fashioned roll in the snow and then a wash and a brush up. You'll feel like a whole new man or teen, or whatever you are. Buggery, hope this site isn't being monitored. We could be in a lot of trouble BB, better get out while the getting's good. Toodles
Posted 2006-12-02 @ 19:02:01 by Rabbi Horowitz
Buggerboy, I think the time has come for you to staighten up and fly right and join another religion. You don't really fit the mold, so to speak, of the Jewish faith. You could do with a whole lot more piety for starters and perhaps a little more Christian charity. I do hear the muslims are currently recruiting. Why don't I just go ahead and sign you up, huh?
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 08:04:38 by Muslims for Peace
Oh gosh by golly no flipping way is Buggerboy joining our ranks...KABOOM...Bloody hell would you put those fuses in right...There goes another suicide bomber...what am I saying? Deary me, I mean there goes another martyr for peace, which is what we are all about...KABLOOIE...What the bloody hell are you playing at? Don't they teach you anything in radical mosque these days? Damn Kids. No, Buggerboy is too, how should I say, too, far too tolerant of women. I mean education and equality, not to mention actually being seen in public. These are things that stone age mentality just cannot embrace. Fortunately most of you out there are too hamstrung by political correctness to actually call us what we really are, complete morons purporting to be civilized human beings. Well, now that I think of it we probably give morons a bad name, tee hee hee...WHOOSH...oh for heavens sake pack that powder tighter, we're not setting off fireworks here. The things we have to tolerate for a non-tolerant organization. Oh Fatima, my little pomegranate, just strap this on and go down to the market will you. There is no reward in heaven for you of course being a woman, no 72 studs and a mule, but its for a good cause, peace. As a matter of fact its our new slogan, "Get blown to pieces for peace" thats more like it, that puts the nuke back in nuclear.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 08:14:27 by Miss Manners
I do protest in the strongest possible terms at this sites portrayal of all religious, corporate and political entities along with rappers and pederasts.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 08:21:01 by Atheists for Jesus
What about us, eh? How come no one ever castigates us anymore. We can't get press, good, bad, or indifferent for love nor money. Maybe we should resort to blowing things up. Yeah, that'll grab us some air time, maybe even an interview with Oprah or Baba Wawa.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 08:35:30 by Michael Richards
Yo, Buggerboy! If you're interested in a stand-up career, consider Ladies Night at the Comedy Club. Need advice? I know how to work a crowd--meet me at Mel's house and we'll talk.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 08:41:32 by Oprah
First ya gots ta do sometin contraversial like smokes a whole lotta crack or run off wid a twelve year old or drown yo babies or marry a dwarf of the same sex or betta yet two dwarves or a two-headed dwarf. Then ya gots ta find religion. Don't matta what religion, could be worshippin a giant scrotum or a supreme bein, not Diana Ross though, she's yestadays news. Den ya comes on to da show and breaks down askin forgiveness. Den we takes about a zillion commercial breaks while we hawk da book and da movie and da sequel. And den da two-headed midget, he comes on an confesses dat he da one kilt Lady Di and da Lindberg baby, maybe throw in Nicole Simpson for a tie in wid OJ. Hell dat be a show worth offendin everybody regardless of race, creed or color. And besides dat OJ story got legs yet, lawdy, lawdy, be milkin' dat one til da next ice age.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 10:11:46 by Baba Wawa
Opwah you awh so cwass, so bougwah. The two-headed midget is stwictwy Montel. What you need is a big staw, say Tom Cwuise to openly admit that he's stwaight and that he is eschewing Scientowogy in favour of Atheists for the Awwah/Jesus/Buddah/Zeus/Isis/Osirus/Mars/Venus/Thor/Odin Dystopia. Then he bweaks down and makes a pass at me and I do him wight there on the divan.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 10:18:18 by Oprah
You is one wicked bitch Babwa, but I gots to hand it to you, doin him on network television could outdraw da supabowl and iffen we wus ta team up, suga, Paris Hilton with six, two-headed midgets and a mule in a bathtub of jello couldn't out sweeps dat action. Have yo people call my people in da mornin.
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 10:21:40 by The Comments Board Police
Ladies, ladies what on god's green earth has all this got to do with Runaway Summer(currently holding steady at #2 on Calgary's Best Seller list)???
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 10:23:07 by Baba Wawa
Whewes Cawgawy and what is Wunaway Summa?
Posted 2006-12-03 @ 10:25:46 by Oprah
Who you be talkin to boy? Don't y'all know who I is? I is Oprah an I will kick yo cracka ass back to de stone age, muthaf***er.
Posted 2006-12-04 @ 19:28:56 by Irv Weinstein
This afternoon on Oprah, Tom Cruise on the new love of his life, Pan-realism, but is it right for everyone? Hold the phone, big fire in Lakawana, story at five.
Posted 2006-12-04 @ 19:40:19 by the little drummer boy
Just to let everyone know, I will not be performing this Christmas, or should I say holiday season in deference to all you heathens out there. Trouble is if I hear that god damn song even once more I'm likely to go ballistic and seriously injure someone. It wasn't so bad years ago when they wouldn't start playing carols til a few days before the 25th, but now it's like the halloween candies are gone one day and hark you can hear those frinken herald angels singing the very next. It's like an all out orgy of crass consumerism to a bad soundtrack, pa rup a pum pum.
Posted 2006-12-04 @ 19:47:58 by Gunkie Thompson
Yeah, right on lil drummer dude and who the hell was good king Wencelas anyhow? And when the hell is the feast of Stephen? Stephen who? Speilberg? Hawking? Segal?
Posted 2006-12-04 @ 20:02:59 by A herald angel
That would be Saint Stephen, nimrod. The first martyr, stoned to death for his beliefs. Said he believed Sandra Dee was better looking than Connie Stevens. At least that's what I heard. Well, what I thought I heard. With all this harp music and carol singing you can't even hear yourself think sometimes. I guess it's better than the alternative though, banjos and accordians, for all eternity.
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