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Posted 2006-12-10 @ 23:00:01 by the old gatekeeper
Hey Debbie Nee G, have you finished yet? How about a review? Honesty is not required,just superlatives.
Posted 2006-12-11 @ 15:19:29 by D nee G
I have two more chapters to read, and I'm having a psychotic reaction...Actually, I have really enjoyed it. I hope I am the Debbie at the Purple Candle Club and not Debbie "A is for asshole" Billington! So superlatives are definitely in order. I have a feeling that the last two chapters are going to be interesting, will let you know when I finish.
Posted 2006-12-11 @ 16:22:29 by slim shady
Absolutely, the former and not the latter, which is just a made up amalgamation of personality types. Psychotic reactions are in order, save your big one for the climax.
Posted 2006-12-11 @ 18:29:49 by D nee G
Ok, finished!! I truly enjoyed the story, and the ending was very touching indeed. It doesn't matter whether you move out of Torrington or never leave, none of us can ever go back to those simple youthful days, can we? It was a great time, and your book brought it back for a while. So thanks, Steve! See you in January.
Posted 2006-12-12 @ 09:57:36 by LeaLee
But D nee G we try our best on the occasional Thursday night, don't we?
Posted 2006-12-12 @ 12:53:18 by slim shady
Ah nostalgia, it's a much underrated emotion. We pass this way but once on our way to wherever we are bound. Like Gatsby, we want to hold back summer, and with it all the sun-drenched good feelings, the rich bounty of sights and sounds and smells. Alas, tempus fugit, and too soon Jack has frosted our pumpkins, shrivelled our squash and hollowed our guords. So we rail against the onset of winter and every so often catch a fleeting glimpse of a face we once knew, a whiff of a scent that still causes a stirring, a refrain of a tune, a voice, a sound echoing in the dusk...taking us back to where we once belonged...get back, get back, if for only on a thursday night.
Posted 2006-12-12 @ 15:15:19 by D nee G
Ah yes, and then comes Friday morning.......
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:07:06 by Buggerboy's buddy, Buddy
Hey, enough of the maudlin sentiments. I just want to celebrate!
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:12:44 by Lithium Lad
Buddy, you're back and not a moment too soon. There's a big party going on at 73 McMurchy Avenue, a regular barf-o-rama. Bring over a two-four or two; I've got the mickies covered.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:37:05 by Stu Adamson
I'm currently holed-up at 73 McMurchy myself, but don't tell the cops. I have crystal meth for everybody and then some. I knew those high chemistry marks would come in handy. Too bad Mr. Whillans isn't around to share in the glory. I was one of his best students. He always told me I'd be famous one day, with my name splashed all over the papers and people beating down my door. He had no idea just how right he was gonna be.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:46:47 by Barb Lamont
Stu you've been a very bad boy. Give yourself up before it's too late. Gosh, you could be suspended or something. I don't think prefects are allowed to take part in drug stuff and such. It's in the bylaws of the old BHS student handbook, you know, the one with the school cheers and all. My favourite was,"Rickety, rackety russ, we aint supposed to cuss, but what the hell they're a bunch of motherf***ing bastards so just kick 'em in the nuts." Least, I believe that's what it was. It's hard to think when you're on as much valium as I am. Oh, and save a mickey of Southern Comfort for me will ya.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:50:14 by Sue Underbakke
Hey dibs on the Southern Comfort you lush. I can really work those pom poms when I've had a skin full of the good stuff.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:51:29 by Charlotte Smeets
And how Suzie, nobody shook her pom poms like you did.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:53:45 by Karen Ernst
Hey when it came to shakin' pom poms you guys were strictly amateurs.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:54:40 by Jane Barlow
You go girl!
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:55:45 by Bubbles Lindhorst
Hey everybody, let's make a pyramid!
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 15:58:19 by Gail Robbins
I've got a way better idea, lets swallow a whole bunch of goldfish and then see how many people we can get into the telephone booth in front of Perks Open Kitchen.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 16:01:48 by the unknown cheerleader
What are you guys nuts or something? I say we do Stu's crystal meth, suck back all the booze at the party and then do the football teams, starting with those cute little bantams.
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 16:04:58 by Coach Donny
Hey what about the coaching staff?
Posted 2006-12-13 @ 16:08:36 by the Peel County Board of Education
Hey what about us too? These per diems don't get us squat nowadays.
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