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Posted 2006-10-22 @ 10:00:46 by Roger Gray
Yo,ho,ho Suzie. Haven't heard from you in a while. Still seeing Dave Napper? did you know he used to roadie for The Teddybears Picnic? He also stole most of the lights for my light show from peoples christmas displays in his neighbourhood, Ridgehill Manor. Hey anyone out there still missing christmas lights talk to Dave.
Posted 2006-10-22 @ 10:09:29 by Carol White nee Soucup
Yowza,nostalgia-city,it's a Brampton High alzheimer's-fest. Shawcross what kind of goat show have you unleashed on an unsuspecting public? Cease and desist with this fogey forum before it ends in a John Fleury of lawsuits.
Posted 2006-10-22 @ 15:02:45 by Wally of the band
I thought Roger did an admirable job with the lights. There were worse keyboard players around. No one knew the difference anyway, the ignorant bastards. You're talkin' bout my generation, you know. All hail Stuart Naylor. He is dog.
Posted 2006-10-22 @ 20:01:40 by Slim Shady
Carol, glad you could make it. Let me assure you that the intent of this section of the site was not to facilitate a Brampton High chat line; however,we may have to indulge in a little "let's get re-aquainted" before tackling the meatier issues at hand.
Posted 2006-10-22 @ 20:14:17 by Zac Marshall
SS-just finished Runaway Summer after picking it up from Book Lore in Orangeville on Friday-couldn't put it down. I think I pissed myself about ten times along the way. What a goddam riot. I've got to tell Dave Moon and Mark Breen to pick up a copy. Give me a call soon. I'm dying to ask you about some of the characters. I think I know most of them. Thanks for the memories.
Posted 2006-10-23 @ 21:11:00 by Gunkie Thompson
Zac, you ancient organ player. Haven't heard from you in ages. Sounds like you dug the book and then some. I'll have to give it a whirl. Any old Psychopompous stories in there? I remember playing the Wiarton Groundhog festival and driving back to Brampton in the open box of Greg Street's pickup with Steve and the rest of the equipment. It was about 30 below and snowing, but we laughed all the way, that is until I realized my nads had froze. Talk about painful. Nothing like frostbitten privates to take the edge off the weekend. Will tell more tales after I read the book.
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 12:54:03 by Tom Moseley
Hey Zac- want me to do the snare roll for "Keep on Dancing?" Dave Moon Rules!
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 17:15:04 by Tom Moseley
Wally-I'm dead, remember. You nimrod. And if you keep poking fun at the deceased when you get up here I'm gonna kick the crap outta ya with my Beatle boots. And the song that caused me problems was "I Fought the Law", "Keep on Dancing" I had covered.
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 19:57:17 by Tom Brotherton
Zac, Gunkie, Steve, my old Psychopompus Bandmates. I'm choked, I need someone to dress me in a burgundy velvet, Charles Dickens jacket with lace at the throat, paired with white sharkskin bell bottoms and just hold me 'til the shivers die down. Have you heard from Gene Rocher? Tommy Thompson? Dave, the singer whose name for the moment escapes me. Kevin Head? Cal Coolidge? And what of Tiny Tim and the rest of the Georgetown crew: Gig Hillock, Brent Barkhouse, Farley Helfont.......See you at Stan's, order me the hot beef sandwich.
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 20:07:39 by Slim Shady
Tommy B, one bitchin' bass player. last I heard, you were headed to Princeton on a basketball scholarship. I've still got my burgundy velvet jacket with the lace at the throat. My kids used to use it for Halloween costumes and now Linda puts in on when she'd in a Johhny Depp mood, or in the mood for Johnny Depp. Zac and my sister designed and made every one of those god damn outfits, slaving late into the evening to make that first gig. The Rockshow of the Yoemen had similar costumes. We looked like extras in a Three Muskateers film.
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 20:12:02 by Jamie Hassard
Hey I wanna hear some "Ginger Muff" anecdotes, and I wanna hear them now.
Posted 2006-10-24 @ 20:16:26 by Jamie Hassard
On second thoughts I'd settle for a Gord"hit me face"Smith story. Check out his website at
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 11:36:27 by The Mighty Pope
What's with Jack Timlock- is the Shark bar still infested with giant rats? Do all singers have larvae-like abdomens? I'm currently at the Windmill doing Rick James impersonations. Keyboards for GingerMuff- is that Tom Highway? A young Terrence Stamp on percussion? Clause Boltz on Bass? The mighty Pope is king.
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 22:01:34 by Roger Gray
I think I did lights for that sucker back in 1973, or maybe it was organ. Wait a minute, I only dreamed about playing the Mighty Pope's organ. I actually did lights for him at the Windjammer at Wasaga Beach or was it Sauble Beach? Maybe I shouldn't have dropped that last tab of acid. I'm seeing black dudes everywhere. In fact there's one sitting in the middle of a spider web as we speak. Looks like Judas Ascariot. This is too freaky, man, too freaky.
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 22:09:20 by Jamie Hassard
Roger, I think I'm having the same Hallucination. It comes on right after I talk to Garth Webb or in this case Joe Eichenhoffer, seig hiel, seig hiel, ziggy-ziggy zee, oi oi oi,ziggy-ziggy zee, oi oi oi, roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of oi oi oi....must get a hold of myself. Not there self...slaps face hard. Think I'll just go make a highway out of a cardboard box.
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 22:15:52 by Stuart Naylor
This comments section is becoming too silly. I suggest we all have a nice little session of marching up and down the square. Unless any of you have a better idea. Yes you, Simmons
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 22:18:42 by Don Simmons
Well I, I ah, was , sort of thinking, maybe, I ah would, you know, drop a tab of acid myself, you know, freak out during a Doors song or something
Posted 2006-10-25 @ 22:21:17 by Stuart Naylor
Oh, all right. Anyone else got a better idea than marching up and down the square? You there, Leipurts. What about it?
Posted 2006-10-26 @ 08:15:42 by Fishface Bozo
I'm afraid this skeletal fish face has become a whale, but the bozo has remained intact. Wally- what's with that zit on your nose- are you growing a third eye, you Lobsang Rampa, you. Watch out for Mr. Potter's lullabye.
Posted 2006-10-26 @ 08:20:23 by Jay Haphazard
I'm with the Chikano Brothers- will there be stories of the Cree Nation or the Great Spirit?
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