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Posted 2006-10-26 @ 10:44:49 by adna
Hey, I took that photo! Are there enormous royalties in it for me? Only heard about this project today from Stevester -- will get around to reading the novel when I get my laser eye surgery --- this white type on black is real hard on the eyes (from a graphics point of view...)
Posted 2006-10-26 @ 15:40:53 by slim shady
Adna or Anda, I'm trying to determine if that's a typo or you've aquired a new handle. We're in the biz of keeping our users slap-happy, so if you could suggest a more appropriate colour combo for the posts, my IT team is ready to accomodate and you can forgo the eye surgery for the moment. As to the royalties, you'll have to fight that out with Roger Gray. While you may have snapped the actual photos, they sat in his camera for 4 years before he had them developed. He was after all an avid photographer. Trust you'll pick up the juicy little tome and add some more Hankisms to the detritus currently gathering hereabouts. Love as always SS
Posted 2006-10-27 @ 08:36:18 by Richard Thompson
All right who posted (10-23)my name Gunkie Thompson on one of these absurd comments. 33 years ago I moved 3300 miles to get away from that stupid nickname Gunkie and here it find it posted on the internet. I guess I should just consider it a badge of honour. Loved reading the comments from people I haven't seen or heard from in over 30 years. If there is any messages for Peggy Carswell, Tonni Nielsen, or Bert McClure send them to me as we are all gathered here in Courtenay in a cave groovin with a pict.
Posted 2006-10-27 @ 22:00:09 by the old gatekeeper
Richard or is that Ricky Recordo, please explain "groovin'" with a pict, and say hi to all the Brampton transplants for us. We'll get your link up post haste. Did Bert ever get a copy of the CD "Egypt Mississippi" by the Brothers Shawcross?
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 06:42:53 by Sheila Dyck
I remember teaching some of you little scamps at Brampton High. Good to see some things never change. On the other hand thank God for laser surgery, that fu manchu was a bugger to pluck.
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 09:30:52 by Ricky Ricordo
Yes Bert got the cd and says thanks and hello to all the Brampton and ex-Brampton crowd. With references to "Psychotic Reactions" "Hallucinations", "Droppin Acid" "Zak" I could not help but think of Pink Floyd. My Groovin with a Pict is from an early Floyd album. I've been overwelmed with Floyd lately as my company has been doing production for a Floyd Tribute act. {}
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 10:29:56 by Buggerboy
Where's Art the TV repairman when you need him? And when did SS play the Supro show? I wrestle with the older boys.
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 16:45:30 by Droolin' Murphy
Nice to see a book by Handsome Steve- Man, are you HandSome!!!! And the book is handsome. I'm handsome too, but with less hands. But more some.
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 16:46:53 by Droolin' Murphy
An added note- I want to meet Buggerboy! He seems handsome.
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 17:01:15 by Slim Shady
Ricky R-Holy coincidence bat boy, Jamie Hassard plays in a "Floyd" tribute band. Of course knowing Jamie it's probably a Floyd of Mayberry tribute Band. If the Jay Bird ever makes a "real" appearance on the site you may wish to exchange e-mails on the nuances of the respective projects.
Posted 2006-10-28 @ 17:06:17 by Slim Shady
Droolin Murphy if you're interested in meeting buggerboy you can contact him at
Posted 2006-10-29 @ 01:07:25 by Steve Wright a.k.a. Electric Duck
Just dropped in to say hello and apologize to Ms. Soucup nee White for being the lousiest jr. prom date on the planet. If I'd only learned how to do the Shingaling how differently my life might have turned out. Also a big thanks to SS for passing his 1st year genetics exam back to me so I could copy the answers. If John Fleury is reading, you owe me for the last two-four.
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 11:54:09 by Conspiracy Cal
Shawcross, Soucup, Simmons- does anyone detect a pattern here? Black Helicopters?
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 12:27:36 by Richard Thompson a.k.a. Gunki
Message for Tommy Brotherton...hey are you still eating peanut-butter and dill pickle sandwiches. I just had one for lunch and it was very tasty. I think about you everytime I have one!
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 16:14:05 by Tom Brotherton
Gunki, can't believe you showed up on this site. I heard about it from my brother, who heard about it from someone who knows Kevin Head, who found out from Wally Leipurts. And yes I still eat peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, although I must confess I usually think about the young Elizabeth Taylor when I eat one. I think it's high time we had a Psychopompus reunion, complete with red, burgundy velvet jackets and Roger Gray's oil blob light show. Do you recall the Wiarton Groundhog Festival weekend where Steve and I put that four foot iguana on the slumbering Gene Rocher's chest. He had just dropped acid and woke up staring that beast in the face. He must have jumped ten feet off the bed and he pitched that thing clear across the room. Then he spent the next two hours trying to find us so he could beat the shit out of us. Trouble was he was so out of it he kept getting lost(it was a pretty big place as I recall)and me and Steve just kept a room ahead of him laughing like maniacs. I remember the school audio-visual department filmed the saturday night gig and the Coyne brothers telling Zac that it became the most watched piece of film for the rest of the year. That was a hell of a band. I'd give my right arm and half my real estate portfolio for a peek at that footage.
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 16:47:10 by Richard a.k.a. Gunkie
Yes Tom I remember the lizard incident and running through the house laughin my head off. Also at the dance when they picked the girl that looked the most like Willy the Groundhog as their home coming queen. I was in Wiarton last summer...hasn't changed. I have been teased about those peanut butter and dill sandwiches for years. I've told a lot of people over the last 35 years about you and thoes sandwiches and how you would eat your cereal in a mixing bowl one box at a time.
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 20:31:51 by Tom Brotherton
I'm still eating my cereal one box at a time, just not at the same sitting. Hey I was a growing boy back then and Fruit Loops contained all the recommended contaminents, carcinogens and red dye number 2.
Posted 2006-10-30 @ 20:51:03 by Slim Shady
I'm a sucker for a big bowl of red dye number 2 myself. Seems to me thinking about the Gene Rocher flying iguana incident that on the friday of that weekend or maybe it was the Saturday I gave Mr. R. Thompson a mild heart attack when I pretended to fall on him while he was "tripping" on the stairs. I was sporting the worlds bushiest sideburns at the time and Richard said that as I fell towards him I turned into the wolfman as my face approached his. Needless to say, I was almost deafened by the resulting scream as the Gunkmeister took off in search of a silver bullet. Unfortunately, all he found was a suppository which he probably smoked later on along with about ten other people under a blanket in the living room.(Tom and I along with Dave the singer-what the hell was his damn name- didn't participate) This action all took place at the Coyne family residence. The parents were both geography teachers at the High School. If they'd of had an inkling of what was going on at the old abode over the weekend the brothers (I think there were 7 of them)would have been grounded for life and the band banished from Ground Hog Land forever.
Posted 2006-10-31 @ 13:17:21 by Buggerboy
Slim Shady-Wolverine- is there a difference? And who has a can opener so we can get at Jessica Alba with all the spandex? Tom Brotherton in velvet is like Marlon Brando in a Speedo. Very yummy.
Posted 2006-10-31 @ 16:35:30 by Richard
Tonni Nielsen says high! Wolfman memories, very appropriate on Halloween. Hey I need to put my hands on this book! Where is the nearest Coles?
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