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Posted 2012-06-14 @ 08:51:01 by Art the Mo
Did someone say anal!?
Posted 2012-06-16 @ 09:45:53 by Longstory Short
Everybody dies,the end!
Posted 2012-06-24 @ 12:52:47 by Max E.Paddington
It's all over but the bitchin!
Posted 2012-06-25 @ 09:21:26 by John Pytel
Haven't heard anything about any get together at Jon Warren's this year and just wondering if it's going to happen at all?
Posted 2012-06-27 @ 09:28:54 by Jamie Hassard
The party is at my place on the 28 of july and don't forget to bring a present cause it's my birthday!As much as I'd like a carton of smokes,a car battery and a garden hose might come in a little more handy just in case the excitement gets too high!Much like the tinman in"The Wizard of Oz"a heart might come in handy also!If worse comes to worse a double barracuda and a couple of chubby chucks will do!P.S. THIS IS A BIRTHDAY PARTY SO WEAR YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT AND DON'T FORGET TO IRON IT!!!
Posted 2012-06-27 @ 09:31:50 by Brian Bumstead
Mine has a hole in the bottom,here have a look!
Posted 2012-06-27 @ 14:11:12 by the Arfer
John, been a while since I've been on the old site...I think Warrenstock may have happened - a shortened version. Don't miss Jamie's Birthday and bring Sue U.
Posted 2012-06-28 @ 14:08:02 by John Pytel
Now I'm confused since I received no notification of any sort of date and time, how could it have "happened"????? Somebody is slipping up somewhere down the line. Heads will roll!!!!! Polish Power will prevail.
Posted 2012-06-28 @ 15:23:20 by Slim Shady
I didn't make it, but heard from Walt. Check with him and his Latvian Power Piples
Posted 2012-07-01 @ 09:17:54 by Butch Coats
I love a get togeather where I get to wear my birthday suit!!!
Posted 2012-07-01 @ 09:19:42 by Meat HeadM
Posted 2012-07-15 @ 07:52:55 by Diggler
So I make my comment here?
Posted 2012-07-15 @ 09:46:46 by Crab Nebula
I EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,OOOooooo ahhhhhhh1
Posted 2012-07-19 @ 08:39:22 by Sammy the Wop
There's no height restriction at J's party is there?
Posted 2012-08-07 @ 12:40:23 by Marty Mcfly
Wow, no comments since July 29. I am getting lonley. Must have something to do with that "oldbramptonbands" Facebook thing ...
Posted 2012-08-09 @ 10:03:20 by Summertime
Just maybe,...
Posted 2012-08-09 @ 10:07:17 by The Great" Out of Doors"
Key," crickets chirping",...
Posted 2012-08-11 @ 05:29:49 by wife of.........
Loocy - you got a lot of 'splainin' to do..........
Posted 2012-08-13 @ 09:51:03 by Rosey Kuntz
Well a big hay-lo to my new found cousin,S.S.!Who knew you were in the kuntz klan!Those big ol sideburns was a dead give away back in the day,hey!You know bufour Brazilians was Hot!Your big ol head had the look of the biggest,fluffy nasty bits you ever seeed,septin in National G-ohgraphics,them bush ladies was a site!Trim that thang,wood-yah!
Posted 2012-08-13 @ 10:16:05 by ChainWay
Summer clearance!All deckpants and clamdiggers HALF PRICE!Rope belt not included!
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