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Posted 2012-08-22 @ 08:17:56 by Zing
I'm confused.
Posted 2012-08-22 @ 08:18:46 by Slack
I gathered that.
Posted 2012-08-22 @ 08:19:05 by Zing
Posted 2012-08-22 @ 08:21:19 by Slack
No, I just gnued it.
Posted 2012-08-25 @ 20:16:27 by Dirk Diggler
Coin toss?
Posted 2012-08-26 @ 08:51:59 by Shat Masterson
I use to enjoy a coin toss and cards where good too,now I like the craptables!
Posted 2012-08-28 @ 20:36:29 by Bonzo
Monkey see, monkey do do.
Posted 2012-08-30 @ 09:09:28 by Wife of.......
Condolences to Mike Sloski, whose mother has passed away.
Posted 2012-08-30 @ 10:17:27 by Wife of........
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but apparently Mike Whitham's father has died.
Posted 2012-08-31 @ 18:06:58 by John Pytel
Louise Adamson's facebook page on Monday(August 27) stated..."Sadly, today, my big brother Stuart left this world to be with our Lord and Savior...". All of us who knew Stu will surely miss him. One of our BCSS Family...bye Stu!
Posted 2012-09-03 @ 07:53:05 by Wife of.......
So very sad to hear about Stuart - one of our own - my condolences to Louise and her family. May the Comforter be with you all at this difficult time.
Posted 2012-09-03 @ 21:22:21 by Slim Shady
Grade 10, Stu in grade 11, out driving in the Adamson family-mobile, me, Steve Wright, John Norquay, Tom Phair, Doug Mills and Stu of course at the wheel. It's halloween and we're out hucking rotten eggs and tomatoes and stealing pumpkins. We nailed someone right in the yap, got a couple of businessmen in suits, a couple necking, a whole troop of scouts out good-deeding. We were on a roll, the trunk is full of jack-o-lanterns purloined from front porches. It's a bitchin' good time all around. About an hour into the Jack-o-lantern heisting, Stu says he wants to steal one, so leaves the safe confines of the car and hightails it up to an awaiting porch, grabs the big ol' jack-o-lantern and takes off. There's only one problem, the light inside the damn thing is attached to an electrical chord. Stu gets jerked off his feet and sails through the air like a cresting marlin, at which point the homeowners come flying out the front door and apprehend his delinquent ass. We're screaming at Mills to take off, but as he can't drive he just sits there immobile, frozen with fear. We're hooped or so we think, but the police officer who arrives at the scene is none other than constable Jim Paton. He pretends to take our names, chuckling to himself, then orders us directly home. So of course we go directly to the old alma mater, Brampton High School and smash the trunk full of pumpkins, which the good Constable missed, all over the football field. All in all it was a boffo evening and though we never repeated that particular antic, it remains forever as a guilty memory. Stu, wherever the fuck you are, next time you want to steal a jack-o-lantern, make sure to unplug it first. Amen.
Posted 2012-09-04 @ 08:25:24 by Miss Fuss
That's a lovely story,Slim,but our topic on the first day back to school is,"How I Spent My Summer Vacation"
Posted 2012-09-04 @ 09:22:11 by Bill Whinger
Posted 2012-09-17 @ 13:26:56 by Mohammed
Who is making fun of me today?
Posted 2012-09-18 @ 11:25:20 by Eye, I, Captian
"Not I, for an Eye",said the blind man.
Posted 2012-09-18 @ 21:22:19 by Wendy
I saw a lot of MG's on the road on Sunday..there was a rally at Bronte Creek Provincial Park.."show me your midget..I'll show you mine". Hubs and I were out for a drive. Driving beside a midget..I couldn't beleive that a person..(even though it might be a person named Gunky) could fold up and sit in the back...with a cone speaker. had a great car, great friends..great times. Thanks to all the 'pompous' band members for an unforgettable summer. Forty two years and still feeling the fun.
Posted 2012-09-20 @ 08:31:19 by Former M.G. Owner
You push my M.G.,I'll bump start yours!
Posted 2012-09-20 @ 08:39:55 by Slow Hand Luke
I still remember the big Midget drive back in 68,it took forever,even big midgets have a small stride!But we only lost a few and back then we got paid by the head not the pound so it was good living.
Posted 2012-09-26 @ 22:18:24 by Happy Guy
I couldn't agree with you more...or less.
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