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Posted 2012-11-06 @ 09:27:34 by Mr.Oppertunity
Posted 2012-11-06 @ 09:30:25 by Mr.Business
Some times you just have to roll up your sleeves and get down to work,other times you gotta roll up your pant legs!
Posted 2012-11-07 @ 08:19:55 by Lemony Snikket
Who da fuck made up dis asshole name? Sposed to be funny fo chillins, but it ain't no how.
Posted 2012-11-08 @ 09:36:40 by Jed Clampett
Jethro, what's that pakiderm doing in the cement pond?
Posted 2012-11-08 @ 09:41:16 by Jethro
That's no pakiderm; it's an elephant.
Posted 2012-11-08 @ 09:43:09 by Zoo Lander
Posted 2012-11-09 @ 18:36:24 by Matilda
Stroke his trunk and he'll let you ride him any where.
Posted 2012-11-16 @ 10:33:14 by Mister Mxyzptik
That is what I was going to say
Posted 2012-11-22 @ 07:05:46 by rodan the flying monster
It's amazing what you can do with paper mache and a bit of string.
Posted 2012-11-22 @ 07:09:53 by The Mummy
People didn't realize that after 3000 years in a sarcophagus I couldn't run for shit. They could have just walked away from me instead of standing still and screaming.
Posted 2012-11-22 @ 07:12:17 by The Dreaded Giant Waffle
Hey, me too. I could hardly move covered in all that syrup.
Posted 2012-11-24 @ 10:11:36 by Little Shop of Whores
I need a smoke!
Posted 2012-12-04 @ 21:20:56 by Big Al's ghost
I've just, by chance, come across this web site and feel I must tell you I laughed and laughed at your cute little execution by fantasy. I've read that you attended McHugh Public way back in the early '60s and from your discussion with various visitors to this site, determined you must have been a year behind me in school. I'm not certain where to start in responding to what can only be described as an effort to get me and others because you didn't appreciate who we were. Very moralistic of you, for a young brat, by the way. You offer no sound rationale other than you've wanted to "get us" since forever because we were different. You silly bugger you didn't even know us other than by rumour or gradeschool bragging. Now I take issue initially with your suggestion I and others harassed you at school. You implied I and others you mentioned played football with you on occasion and that we were as often as not turning on you instead of trying to make yardage. To begin with only I and one of your so called "greaser" gangsters even went to McHugh, at least in the one year I attended. And by the way, I'm really not very "big". Maybe six feet on a windy day, although I'll admit my girth is still maturing. I raise that to try to explain that no one, at least none of my friends ever referred to me as "Big Al" without a great big shit eating grin acompanying it. The name was actually coined by fellow classmate Bill Delille in an essay he wrote that school year. It was a humour piece meant to rag his teacher, Mr Gunn, or perhaps it was what's her name "Wimpy".... Oh ya, her name was Mrs. Banister and we loved to drive her over the edge, when ever she substituted. But now I'm off topic. Anyway, I find it quite funny young kids like you obviously heard our banter at times and viola, the frivulous filled your mind with fear loathing. But that you held this dark grudge or outright hatred all these years and didn't feel fulfilled until you slew all the dragons, is truly sad Stephen, truly sad. I'll close for now Stephen, but do accept this as notice that I am now aware of what you have written in youtr book and on the hundreds of pages of comments such as this. I would be remiss however, if I didn't make note of your rather vicious verbal attack on my sister in your book. You even mention her correct name. Your less than shallow effort to disguise my name in the book in combination with your comments later show your real intent. I suspect Stephen, that my sister's response, based on the less than subtle colours you employed to paint her image in your book, will be far more serious than my barking. Something tells me Stephen that you failed to get your book "lawyered" before flogging it and that's a messing sort of thing to miss, especially for someone who likes to brag about his feats when ever and where ever he can. More later Stephen.
Posted 2012-12-05 @ 09:08:53 by Mrs.GOD
So's I'm doing the laundry and I find a condom in mister creatures pocket and I don't know what I was thinking but I poked a hole in the thing!WHAT CAN I SAY,I WAS SOOOOO MAD!
Posted 2012-12-05 @ 09:12:16 by Joe Christ
Always book a room in advance,honest!
Posted 2012-12-06 @ 10:43:25 by Nerve Pill
Big Al's Ghost, my goodness lighten up
Posted 2012-12-06 @ 13:19:20 by Slim Shady
Dear Big Al's ghost. All characters in the book are purely fictional. Some are amalgams of several individuals I encountered along the way. Hopefully, you enjoyed the story. I'm currently working on a sequel where Ralph and Billy make it to University. Stay tuned.
Posted 2012-12-07 @ 10:44:59 by Question Guy
Do Ralph and Billy hitch hike to university?
Posted 2012-12-07 @ 11:06:16 by The other Slim
While Slim did pen the novel that this web page is for he does not control who comes to this site or what they say,this is the internets,a modern day communication system that lacks filters and content controls,that is what the "OFF" button is for.
Posted 2012-12-07 @ 11:09:10 by Mary M.
I tell you,the earth moved,God!
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