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Posted 2012-12-07 @ 11:16:05 by J.C.
As if the swaddling cloths weren't bad enough,these wise guys give me shit that no kid would ever want and I got straw stuck in my ass!
Posted 2012-12-07 @ 13:47:52 by Pen Pal
Ralph and Billy are thumbing for their lives.
Posted 2012-12-10 @ 09:18:29 by Walt (The real one, not an imposter)
I haven't visited this site for 3 months and was pleasantly surprised to see the item by Big Al's ghost. It would be great if he wrote a book from his perspective. Being one of those terrified and terrorized little guys, I would get a kick out of his stories now that so much time has passed.
Posted 2012-12-10 @ 12:43:25 by Sparticuss
I am Sparticuss.
Posted 2012-12-10 @ 17:52:06 by Slim Shady
I too was intrigued by Big Al's Ghost given that Big Al in the book is a figment of my imagination as are the events. Contrary to Big Al's musings, I have never felt the need to "get" anyone, and I harbour no grudges against any individuals. Finally, I would never stoop to besmirch the character of anyone, particularly a real person. No one has that right. The book is an entertainment, not a personal vendetta. It's a bittersweet, yet fond remembrance of the past, and all the characters, good, bad, misunderstood and indifferent, who inhabited small-town Canada when I was growing up. Peccadillos notwithstanding, I loved them all, from the greasiest greaser, to the frattiest frat, the browniest browner to the jockiest jock, the dazzling tapestry of life unfurling, enveloping, enriching. It was a great time to be alive and I would surrender everything to be there once more.
Posted 2012-12-11 @ 08:53:46 by Imposter
No, I am Spartacus!
Posted 2012-12-11 @ 10:12:29 by Question Guy
With no point of reference is a big rock, big?
Posted 2012-12-11 @ 10:34:20 by Dear Santa
I've been the best me I can possibly be and thought if everyone could just see that we all have a skidmark in our underpants from time to time,we could understand how alike we all are!p.s.forget about those teeth I've been asking for,for all these years,thank you in advance.
Posted 2012-12-19 @ 11:12:00 by Question Guy
Is the moral of the story,the story?
Posted 2012-12-20 @ 13:13:52 by Johnny Cum Lately
The moral of the story is to try and climax at the appropriate time and not when you're being introduced to her parents.
Posted 2012-12-30 @ 08:52:05 by Charlie Goop Backup
I just don't get it!
Posted 2013-01-02 @ 08:36:09 by Squirtapuss
Posted 2013-01-02 @ 08:43:48 by Jerry Smith
No!I am Phartablast!
Posted 2013-01-05 @ 08:14:22 by Bargeenna Flupoongarf
A long cozy sweater could help to keep warm gas trapped,double warmth at half the cost!!!
Posted 2013-01-08 @ 08:19:48 by Doglips
I could use a nice spam on rye.
Posted 2013-01-09 @ 11:00:30 by Gad Zooks
2013 already and funny enough,it aint the end!The beat goes on!Whodda thunk!Keep your eye peeled for imposters!Nothing is as it seems!Free Duh Piples!!!
Posted 2013-01-17 @ 13:51:21 by New Mayan World Order
What's less than,"Out like a lamb"?
Posted 2013-01-18 @ 17:31:52 by John Pytel
Wow, it looks like this site has warmed up again!
Posted 2013-01-22 @ 12:12:20 by Dick Tracer
Every thing I draw looks like a prick!
Posted 2013-01-22 @ 12:14:09 by Joey Nolegs
Hey!Anyone wanta bum around?
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