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Posted 2013-10-31 @ 15:52:04 by Density Debbie
Didn't "We Five" cover that?
Posted 2013-11-04 @ 09:16:39 by Carol LeDrew
It's way back there man, way back.
Posted 2013-11-04 @ 09:17:35 by Dr Phil
How's that workin' for ya?
Posted 2013-11-05 @ 14:50:26 by Little Jackie Young
Since this whole anti-bullying thing, my hard ass days are numbered.
Posted 2013-11-11 @ 20:47:54 by Walter Garbutt
And how you little pissant.
Posted 2013-11-23 @ 10:18:25 by Rob Ford
Just for the record,when a brother passes you the crack pipe it would be rude not to take a puff and I didn't inhale so what's all the fuss!
Posted 2013-11-25 @ 19:12:42 by Doug Foord
My middle name is Crack.
Posted 2013-12-24 @ 13:03:46 by Kris Kringle
Merry Christmas to all and to all have a good night.
Posted 2013-12-25 @ 13:02:03 by Spirit of ChristmasI
I'm not going anywhere until I get some figgy pudding!
Posted 2013-12-26 @ 23:01:26 by Kris Kringle
I know where I am going and that's to bed for a long winters nap
Posted 2014-02-26 @ 10:12:32 by Dean Babcock
Sometimes it feels like time is standing still.
Posted 2014-03-16 @ 07:28:05 by Marty McFly
Summer's going fast, nights growing colder Children growing up, old friends growing older Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger Experience slips away... The innocence slips away, but rekindles at Oldbramptonbands
Posted 2014-03-20 @ 15:35:09 by LHGBA
Posted 2014-04-09 @ 20:52:50 by Wendy
1969 Toronto, me, acid, fun, wow, thanks Zac..will never forget.
Posted 2014-05-27 @ 04:25:37 by Zac
Wendy, call me sometime. I'm in Penetang. Or better yet a visit would be good. Perhaps you could bring a file in a cake or a small amount of jelignite so I could blast my way out of here. I'm not crazy, just misunderstood, and I did not dismember those Jehovah's witnesses that came calling at 9:30 in the morning...honest.
Posted 2014-05-27 @ 04:29:23 by Shirley Norton
I was a witness to the dismemberment of those witnesses, unfortunately I wasn't wearing my glasses so had to rely on my sense of smell and a lot of coaching from the Prosecution.
Posted 2014-05-27 @ 04:30:06 by Zac
Told you I was hornswoggled.
Posted 2014-07-10 @ 08:16:15 by Jack Ophenheimer
Who are we?
Posted 2014-07-11 @ 17:30:33 by Find Slim
There was a guy who used to post on here under the name Slim Shady. On page 350 of the comments (i'll throw in a link at the end) he lists a whole bunch of stuff about good bands in Brampton in the 60's, and mentions a band named Shepherd's Flower. There was a band member named Sid Terry and I'm wondering what Slim knows about him. He's a distant family member and I was looking to find out any info I could about the guy. Thanks in advance for any help you guys provide. Have a good one. Link to the Comment Page:
Posted 2014-07-18 @ 09:10:01 by Slim Shady
Sid Terry, great singer and showman with Shepherd's Flower. I didn't know him personally but saw and played on the same bill with the band on numerous occasions. Zac Marshall would have much more info on Sid; Zac can be reached via the Bell Falls Campground.
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