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Posted 2006-11-22 @ 21:59:27 by Cathy B
I just figured out that I'm the Cathy B referred to in the book. I was considering a lawsuit, but it's actually a pretty accurate depiction. What the hell, nostalgia is a very underrated emotion. I miss those wild teenage nights in the cemetary.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 09:07:16 by LeaLee
I'm seriously worried about most of you, except for ADNA hahaha ! Man, I'm only up to "The Lake" but I've laughed out loud about a million times already and people are giving me strange looks! Hey, people are always giving me strange looks, come to think of it. Anyway, I get enough nostalgia almost every day. Take last week, I drove by Anda and Wally and Daina's house, Steve's house, Bert McClure's house, Jamie Hasard's house, Heart Lake, the Chicken Factory, the subdivision that sits on Brampton High, the Cemetery, Memorial Arena, Central Public School, the Purple Candle Club aka the library and practically every single street mentioned so far in the book ... and that's just running errands in one day !!!! So, I can't get away from you people even if I wanted to and the book is just reinforcing it! Kudos Slim Jim Shady Robert Plant Wannabee Omar Dude. Probably see you in January. P.S. The horror movies were on Channel 7.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 09:08:28 by LeaLee
P.P.S. Are you SURE Linda typed this?? Mr. Thompson would be PROUD!
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 10:50:38 by Walt
No wonder you were the "Best Cellar" in Calgary- the front cover was shot in my basement where we had some very good times. Get it? Best Cellar? I'm hilarious.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 11:29:47 by slim shady
I am giggling as we speak, so to speak. LeaLee, always good to hear from you, say hi to Scotty Brown next time you're passing by the PCC. Cheers.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 13:18:50 by LeaLee
Yes, Walt. You're definitely HILARIOUS! No question!
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 15:15:10 by Irv Weinstein
Tonight there was a roaring, 5 alarm fire in North Tonawanda followed by a 7 alarmer in Cheektawaga. Ladies and Gentlemen, sometimes it seems like all of Buffalo is ablaze and so it should be, the City that originated bowling for dollars and the beloved Friday night horror movies watched by so many young and impressionable Bramptonites (particularly you Lealee). It's a wonder the town isn't awash in mass murderers. Come to think of it there have been a lot of missing persons as of late. This just in, Cathy Fitzgerald, accused of slicing off her husbands head, said he looked a whole lot better that way and he'd stopped answering back. Oh, wouldn't you know it Fort Erie has just gone up in smoke and my pants appear to be on fire as well. Gotta run, there's a factory about to blow down the street. This place is hot!
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 15:44:02 by Fire Marshall Bill
More gasoline, give it more, I mean water, water, thats what it needs followed by vast quantities of napalm. I love the smell of napalm first thing in the morning...Sorry that's wrong, no napalm, napalm is definitely out, not good for fires...Magnesium is what we need and then plutonium, best firefighter on the planet, weapons-grade plutonium...oh shit wrong stuff again, dead wrong stuff...what we need is....oh doesn't matter any more, looks like the fires gone out, nothing left to burn....all gone...just cinders...(starts to hum)burn baby burn, disco inferno, burn that mother down...sorry, sorry, lost my head for a minute...(stares vacantly across charred landscape) I wonder if that black lump over there will burn, sure it will, just rub these two sticks together and WHOOOOOOOOOOOSH.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 21:09:20 by Pyromaniacs Anonymous
The latter in no way portrays typical members of our organization which is dedicated to the advancement of pyromaniacs regardless of colour, creed or choice of incendiary. We are just the same as you. When you cut us we bleed, then we burn down your house...I..what I meant to say was our wants and needs are the same, our dreams and aspirations similar, with the exception perhaps of wanting to torch the parliament buildings. I imagine everyone wants to do that at some time, especially right after an election when the promises go right out the window. But I digress, next time you come in contact with a pyromaniac don't shun them, don't judge them, just keep them the hell away from anything flammiferous.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 21:18:52 by Buffalo Evening News
It has come to our attention that certain individuals are accusing this venerable station of devoting an inordinate amount of air time to covering local fires. That is patently false. We simply cover every 5th fire. If we covered every fire, we'd have a 24 hour hot line, no pun intended. Now I have to go, the station smells like it's on fire. Yes, definitely burning, sort of a combination of wood alcohol and sterno with a hint of napalm. Shit that's hot, bye now.
Posted 2006-11-23 @ 21:29:52 by United Napalm Wholesalers of America
We at United Napalm Wholesalers of America take grievous offence at the negative stereotyping of our fine product. It serves many useful purposes besides burning the bejesus out of godless commie bastards in faraway lands that aren't quite as taken with the big psychopathic corporations as we here in the good ol' U S of A are. So next time we see or hear of any napalm negativity from this site, keep your head down and your fire insurance up to date. Amen and pass the ketchup.
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 08:36:18 by Ho Chi Min
I eat napalm for breakfast.
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 08:41:20 by Former resident of Hanoi
That's nothing, I walk over guys who eat napalm for breakfast to take a napalm shower.
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 08:44:35 by A Bag of Charcoal
Guys, guys, guys, you aint seen nothin' till you've been where I've been. And then I do it all over again! Amateurs.
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 11:00:29 by LeaLee
Hey, Irv - Good to hear from you - Do you CARE where your children are???
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 12:52:43 by Irv W
LeaLee, I suppose I do care where they are. Do you know something about their whereabouts that I should know? And further, I hope you'll be paying a visit to Fitz in stir.
Posted 2006-11-24 @ 12:56:51 by Irv W
PS-you're in the book, you just haven't got there yet.
Posted 2006-11-25 @ 11:11:57 by Cathy D
Hey who gave you permission to use my person in a fictional account of growing up in Brampton? And that's Cathy double D thank you very much.
Posted 2006-11-25 @ 11:22:04 by Nippy Q
I was hoping for more stories about napalm. Can I expect any in the near future?
Posted 2006-11-25 @ 15:26:54 by LeaLee
Hey, Irv I do know because I finished the book today and I just got off the phone with my cohort in crime, Debbie M. (nee G.) and told her, too!! You could not have picked a better chapter to place us in either!!! POIFECT. And I would say hi to Scotty Brown but, where the hell did he go? How old was he back then anyway? Probably 25 which seemed like ANCIENT! Oh, and by the way, I see Fitz Titz from time to time at Jakes (thank God they still have LIVE music there) so I'll tell her about the book and that you said HIGH! I mean HI ! Thanks for a wonderful read - I thoroughly enjoyed it, dahling !!
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